We were engaged by Forward Coupar Angus and Blairgowrie and Rattray Development Trust and Alyth Development Trust to investigate options to develop a cycle network in Strathmore, Perthshire. The aim is to improve safe cycling links between the towns of Aylth, Blairgowrie and Coupar Angus.

Phase 1 of SCNSCN logo

The feasibility study was completed in May 2017 identifying a programme of five phases of devlopment linking existing quiet roads with new path construction to create a safe, direct and comfortable network of paths between the three towns. This study involved the following activities:

  • community consultation (people from three settlements, as well as interest groups)
  • landowner engagement
  • walk-over survey and outline design
  • programme development
  • costing

We were also able to submit an application to the Improving Public Access scheme for development of one route, and assisted the community groups to apply to Sustrans for funding on another, which were additional to the original scope of the project brief.

Phase 1 of the network is a 2.5km stretch of multipurpose path between Blacklaw and Lochlands opening a safe link between Alyth and Blairgowrie of approximately 11km. This route was officially opened in October 2018.

Phase two of the network is from Coupar Angus to Bendochy Crossroads (towards Blairgowrie) and the detailed design is being supported by Sustrans. A planning application for Phase 2 was submitted in July 2019.