Aberdeen's East Tullos Burn in St Fitticks Park has had a major facelift, thanks to funding from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Total and Aberdeen Greenspace.

In July 2012, Aberdeen City Council commissioned a feasibility study to see if the burn could be restored to a more natural state, improving the park's visual appeal, enhancing biodiversity and potentially reducing pollution in the burn. After consultation with the local community, a design was produced which incorporates a new, meandering (wiggley) course for the burn, new wetlands and pond areas, extensive planting of wetland plants and trees and improved footpaths.

Before and shortly after restoration works:

East Tullos Burn - before work started realigned burn

The City Council pulled together a funding package to complete the restoration project and the works were completed in Spring 2014.

The work on the site was done by a team of contractors, which includes a company called Salix who supplied wetland plants to the London Olympic Wetland Park. Local contractors involved in the project also include cbec eco-engineering, based in Alford and Walking-the-Talk, based in Tarves. The paths and new bridge were contructed by McGowan Outdoor Access.

Flooding in the park before works, and the construction of a causeway and wetland:

before flooding on paths causeway and wetland

The realignment of the channel, and native wetland plants:

new channel being excavated complete forget me not