Walking-the-Talk is working with CR Contracting and cbec ecoengineering ltd to improve the amenity and biodiversity value of Seaton Park in Aberdeen. Following a feasibility study and public consultation in 2014 / 15 we were successful in bidding for the work to improve the wetland and help to drain the northern part of the park.

 Water levels in Seaton Park March 2106

The work will be taking place in two phases:

  • Firstly we will replace the drainage system that has failed and contributed to the high groundwater levels. This work will start around the 20th April 2016 and should be finished by the middle of May 2016. A series of drainage pipes will drain water that is lying in the Park into the River Don.


  • Secondly, we will modify the wetland area to improve the biodiversity value of the area. This will involve some excavation to change water depths and create drier areas as well as extensive planting of native plants that thrive in wetland areas. We will also install some feature to allow people to view the wildlife safely. This work will take place over the summer of 2016.

During the work it will be necessary to close areas to the public. Please bear with us, the areas will be shut for as short a time as possible. We will also take care to minimise disturbance of wildlife during the work.

Phase 1 temporary closures

The wetland area might look something like this when it is properly established.

Wetland with fringing plants - artists impression

The work is being undertaken on behalf of Aberdeen City Council.